10 Questions with Kelly Rutherford

English: Hello Upper East Siders, Gossip Girl here, your one and only source into the scandalous lives of Manhattan’s elite. Ever wondered what Lily van der Woodsen is scared of? Apparently nothing. But don’t worry, I dug a little deeper for you. Kelly Rutherford the actress that played the mother of our favourite socialite Serena for six years, also loves Gossip Girl as much as we do. Here’s a little sneak peek into Manhattan’s real elite, if you’re wondering what they’re up to. Enjoy 10 unusual and random questions with Kelly Rutherford!


1. Which movie or series was your favourite to work on?

Kelly: Gossip Girl, Homefront and Brisco County Jr.

2. What quote do you (try to) live by?

Kelly: “Just do your best. And that is different everyday. Be kind to yourself.” There are so many quotes…

3. Do you think the world would be a better or worse place if everyone suddenly could read each other’s thoughts?

Kelly: It would be interesting because it would be so honest…

4. Whose advice do you always listen to?

Kelly: My own and a few very intuitive people I know…

5. 40 years what will people be nostalgic for?

Kelly: Handwriting, things we make with our hands. Planet earth? Nature? Clean water?

6. What is the most embarrassing thing you have ever worn?

Kelly: No idea! We all have those days lol…

7. What’s invisible but you wish people could see?

Kelly: How powerful they are. How their thoughts and words and feelings are creating what they are experiencing…

8. What’s the scariest dream you’ve ever had?

Kelly: I see dreams as signs and they don’t scare me…

9. What super power do you wish you had?

Kelly: Teleportation could be fun…

10. If you could change careers right this second, what would you do?

Kelly: Talk show host, maybe journalism…


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Deutsch: Hey Upper East Siders, hier ist Gossip Girl, eure einzig verlässliche Quelle aus dem Leben von Manhattans Elite. Habt ihr euch schon jemals gefragt vor was Lily van der Woodsen Angst hat? Angeblich vor nichts. Aber keine Sorge, ich habe für euch etwas näher hingeschaut. Kelly Rutherford, die Schauspielerin die sechs Jahre lang die Mutter unserer liebsten Partyqueen Serena gespielt hat, liebt Gossip Girl genauso wie wir. Hier ist ein kleiner Einblick in Manhattan’s echte Elite, falls ihr euch fragt was die so Tag für Tag treiben. Viel Spaß nun mit ungewöhnlichen und willkürlichen 10 Fragen an Kelly Rutherford!


1. An welchem Film oder welcher Serie hast du am liebsten mitgespielt?

Kelly: Gossip Girl, Homefront und Brisco County Jr.

2. Welches Zitat ist dein Lebensmotto?

Kelly: „Versuch immer das beste zu geben. Das kann jeden Tag verschieden sein. Sei nett zu dir selbst.“ Es gibt so viele Zitate…

3. Denkst du die Welt wäre ein besserer oder schlechterer Ort, when auf einmal alle die Gedanken von anderen lesen könnten?

Kelly: Es wäre interessant, weil es so ehrlich wäre…

4. Welche Person gibt dir die besten Ratschläge, die du immer befolgst?

Kelly: Meine eigenen und die ein paar intuitiven Menschen, die ich kenne…

5. Worüber sind Menschen in 40 Jahren nostalgisch eingestellt?

Kelly: Handschriftliches, Dinge die wir mit unseren Händen machen können. Den Planeten Erde? Natur? Sauberes Wasser?

6. Was ist das peinlichste Outfit, dass du je getragen hast?

Kelly: Keine Ahnung! Jeder hat doch mal so einen Tag lol…

7. Was ist unsichtbar aber du wünscht dir Leute könnten es sehen?

Kelly: Wie mächtig oder stark sie sind. Wie ihre Gedanken und Worte und auch Gefühle dazu beitragen, was sie erleben…

8. Welcher war dein schlimmster Albtraum vor dem du am meisten Angst hattest?

Kelly: Ich sehe Träume eher als Zeichen und habe keine Angst vor ihnen…

9. Welche Superkraft hättest du gerne?

Kelly: Teleportieren könnte lustig und cool sein…

10. Falls du deine Karriere in dieser Sekunde ändern könntest, was würdest du dann machen?

Kelly: Moderator einer Talk Show,  oder vielleicht ein Journalist…

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Hope you liked this short interview! Thanks so much Kelly for being part of this. Also a huge thank you to my friend Allison Zahigian for letting me use your beautiful photos! You can check out her website by clicking on her name 🙂

Ich hoffe euch gefällt dieses kurze Interview! Vielen Dank an Kelly für’s mitmachen. Und auch an meine liebe Allison Zahigian ein Danke, dass ich deine schönen Fotos benutzen darf! Schaut bei ihrer Webseite vorbei, indem ihr auf ihren Namen klickt 🙂

xoxo – ATJ


Casual Sparkle

First of all happy mother’s day to all the lovely mothers out there! Already showered my maman with hugs and kisses. Hope you enjoy the (not so sunny) Sunday and spend lots of quality time with your mom and family. Yesterday I went to a typical Bavarian festival. Have I ever mentioned that I love Bavaria? I also love my casual clothes to the moon and back and I’m always going back to them. Still I always like to add a little eye catcher here and there, that’s why I love my Guess Slippers for example. Thank god that everyone is into glitter lately, especially my fave fashion brands. Cause a little sparkle never hurts. Also look at this cute little Coccinelle bag. I think this is gonna be my new favourite. Anyway hope you can get some inspiration from this and I wish you a wonderful day!

XoXo – ATJ



Outfit Details

Shoes – Guess

Jeans – H&M

Shirt – Zara

Leather Jacket – Zara (similar one)

Belt – Michael Kors

Bag – Coccinelle

Jewelry – Tiffany & Co.

PS: Thanks to my photographer Marie 🙂

The Lisiánthus Way

As some of you may know from my Instagram story or my first Travel blogpost, I was in Rome last weekend. I got invited to attend the launch of the 2017/18 collection of Lisiánthus Roma. The label was created by a friend of mine, Massimiliano Mastrangelo. He is only 16 years old and currently the youngest Creative Director in the world. He’s such an inspiring, lovely person and his designs are seriously breathtaking. I (or my mom, I stole it from her but pssst) got the Contrasto bag in the colours black and green. I love totes anyway but this one is really special with it’s unique shapes and colour combinations. There are 2 more different colour options available for this bag. Also you have to check out all the other amazing bags and clutches on the website. I really love the Miss Rutherford as well, maybe it’ll be my next one!  www.lisianthusroma.it

XoXo – ATJ


Outfit Details

Bag – Lisiánthus Roma

Trench Coat – Olly Doo

Shirt, Jeans – H&M

Shoes, Belt – Michael Kors

Sunglasses – Moschino (similar one here)

Jewelry – Marc Jacobs, Louis Vuitton, Kelly Rutherford (More to come soon! Stay tuned!)

Top 5 Places for Food in New York City

As you all know (or can see on my Instagram feed) I’m a huge New York City lover. I’ve been there for about 4 weeks, which definitely isn’t enough for me and I want to go back as soon as I can. One reason why I love New York City so much is the food. It’s just pure food heaven. You can get anything you can think of, no matter if it’s Indian food or Mexican food, raw cookie dough, alcoholic ice cream or vegan burgers.

Here are my Top 5 Places!

5. by CHLOE $$


It’s on 185 Bleecker St, not far away from the Washington Square Park. By Chloe is a vegan burger restaurant and I just wanted to try it out because I heard so many good things about it. I went for the Guac Burger and some sweet potato fries and I never thought vegan things could taste this good. Also the location is so cute and if you can’t find a place to sit just go to the Washington Square Park, sit down and enjoy your meal without having to rush (wait is that even possible in New York City?).

4. Shake Shack $$


Here in Germany we only really have Mc Donalds and Burger King as a fast food chain, that’s why I wanted to try out another one. I know Shake Shack isn’t probably the healthiest place to go, but you at least should give it a try. Go for the cheese fries and a normal shack burger and you’re not going to be disappointed. Burger Heaven!

3. Ringolevio $$


Since a friend of mine lives in Brooklyn and basically loves all about it, we had to go for brunch there obviously. It was one of the best ideas ever, cause Ringolevio in the Humboldt St is seriously a jewel. I got waffles with blueberries, strawberries, bananas and also some scrambled egg and bacon. That mix is very odd for me as a European, nonetheless it tasted amazing. I would definitely recommend going there!

2. Joe’s Pizza $


The best pizza ever! And I’m serious! Whenever I’m like oh pizza would be good now, I think of Joe’s Pizza. I went there so often and didn’t even feel bad about it. The place itself looks a bit run-down, again for me as a European. But you shouldn’t worry about that because the food is super fresh and so delicious! There’s also a cute little park area right next to it to enjoy your slice. Overall one of my favourite places in whole New York City.

1. Magnolia Bakery $$


If you watched Sex and the City you probably heard of this place before. It became famous after being mentioned in one episode. The store in the West Village is the original one and it looks so cute. I think it’s safe to say that I can recommend everything. I would try the Banana Pudding first, you never experienced something like this before, believe me! Also a thing I’m thinking about so often. Also you can’t go wrong with the cupcakes or cheesecakes, they’re so good! Even the lemonade there tastes like heaven, that’s why this bakery is my number one place to go!

Hope you enjoyed the post and hopefully I could give you some tips.

XoXo – ATJ


Although I live in Germany and I’ve been to Italy a few times, I’ve never been to Rome. But last week I had the chance to go there over the weekend because I was invited to a launch of beautiful bags (more to come soon). Rome is such a breathtaking, historical city and it’s definitely not my first and last time there. The food and especially the coffee is amazing here. But a weekend just isn’t enough to enjoy all the different aspects Rome has to offer, I’d recommend like 4 – 5 days. Anyway here are some beautiful photos I took.

XoXo – ATJ